25 Boxes

My first name “David” has five letters and begins and ends with the letter “D,” so I decided to fill my 25 boxes, horizontally and vertically, with letters from my first name. I used a font named Bodoni Black Squares. In the first image, I changed the foreground layer to black so all the letters would appear black, and I changed all the background to different colors — red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

25 boxes

In the second image, I changed the color of letters, using the complementary colors of their backgrounds.

25 boxes

As suggested, here’s a new version without the black outlines:

25 boxes

2 thoughts on “25 Boxes

  1. Looking good, and you’re way ahead. Suggestion would be to rid the beautifully cropped Bodoni of thin black outlines and let the edges of the colors butt together. No frame either.


    • You’re right — it looks much better without the black outlines! Please see the new image (the one at the bottom of the post). Thank you!


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