Working With Type

In this exercise, I selected a famous quote and experimented with type by applying filter effects as a design element. Since the quote used the word “wave,” it seemed appropriate to use “Wave” in the Warp Text box in Photoshop. The text is blue because blue represents an ocean wave, and blue is one of the nation’s colors, along with red and white.


Colorizing a Photo With Photoshop

This photo of my great Uncle Roy and Aunt Elsie is over 100 years old.


The picture is pretty dark, and I knew that adding color would make it even darker, so I lightened the photo by using the Shadow/Highlight adjustment.


Then, I used the Magnetic Lasso Tool (and the regular Lasso Tool for touch-ups) to select and separate my aunt and uncle from the background. I made a new layer and colored the background layer.


Then, I painted my aunt and uncle with the Brush Tool. When I was finished, the image looked too light, so I darkened it a bit with the Brightness/Contrast adjustment. Here is the completed colorized image.


For comparison:


Filter and Layer Use

Here is the original photo of a cloud I took a couple of weeks ago:



Here is the same photo after I adjusted the contrast in Photoshop:



Here is the same photo in black and white:


Here is the same photo after I used the Photoshop Paint Daubs filter: